Daybreakers Stills

Here are a couple of photos from the vampire movie that I look forward to, which will easily whoop the Twilight saga every day of the week, Daybreakers. (Well, I hope anyway.)

The reason I think that it will be great, is because it does not have that usual vampire plot, with the humans in focus. In Daybreakers, the focus lies on the Vampires and their struggle to survive, as the humans has become endangered, due to their thirst for blood.

In addition to a fresh and interesting plot, the movie also stars interesting names, like Ethan Hawke, Willem Dafoe, Sam Neill and Claudia Karvan, which I believe will give us an energizing mix.

Daybreakers will go up in the theaters on January 8, next year. You can read more and view the trailer of Daybreakers, here.

Photo: Copyright © Lionsgate

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