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Born of Hope – Online Dec 1st

As you all know, it will surely take a while before Peter Jackson and Guillermo del Toro, can present the most awaiting The Hobbit, it will probably take another year or so, before we can enjoy it.

However, do not despair; there is still hope. Because tomorrow, is the day when a movie that will take you back to Middle-earth, has its online premiere, Born of Hope.

Born of Hope is inspired by only a couple of paragraphs in the appendices of the Lord of the Rings and is directed and produced by Kate Madison, who also plays a role in the movie as well.

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Still of Josh Brolin as Jonah Hex

In case, you have wondering how Josh Brolin will look like, as the gunslinger and bounty hunter Jonah Hex, you don’t need to anymore.

A couple of days ago, this intense photo of Jonah Hex, appeared on his Facebook page.Yep, Jonah is on Facebook, with currently 473 fans following him.

I think that they have managed to adapt the style of the comic book Jonah pretty well, don’t you think?

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Another Daybreakers Trailer

Another trailer for Daybreakers, which I’m rather excited about, has found its way to the net. This version gives us a closer look on the vampires and luckily, I didn’t spot any charming pretty boy vampires, which seems to be so popular these days, in it.

Even though the movie doesn’t go up in the theaters until January next year, a couple of lucky people has seen it at a couple of festivals recently; Austin Fantastic Fest and Calgary Film Festival.

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We Are The Night Teaser Trailer

I will be frank here, I’m VERY weak towards girls that speaks German, regardless of what they say, I’m sold. I’m also an avid fan of vampire chicks, as well.

So, you can imagine that I become rather exaggerated, as I learned about the upcoming German movie, Wir Sind Die Nacht (We Are The Night), directed by Dennis Gansel.

The plot revolves around the 18-year-old girl Lena and how her empty life abruptly changes, when she run into a trio of female vampires, and gets bitten.

After she’s transformed into a vampire, she gets fatally overwhelmed with the new lifestyle that unwraps before her, like an unlimited freedom, luxury and wild parties.

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What’s in Store For Supernatural?

Since Supernatural is off the air, until January, 2010 I thought that we could have a look what Kripke has in store for us, next year. Just a little warning though, this post may contain possible spoilers, so if you don’t want to know anything, you should skip it.

As you all might know, this might be the last season of Supernatural, since Kripke wrote the story to span over five seasons.

However, he has also said that, just because this story arch will end this season, that doesn’t mean that, the show must end. In addition, both Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki both have contracts for a possible sixth season, just in case. Nevertheless, eventually it will of course come down to a question of money; if the show brings in money, it will continue, it just that simple.

Well, let us now take a look what will possible happen in the reminder of season 5, then!

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King To Pen Shining Sequel

According to the Canadian Torontoist, Stephen King is thinking of writing a sequel to his horror classic, The Shining, which Stanley Kubrick turned into a heck of a horror movie, with the help of Jack Nicholson, of course.

Now, almost 30 years down the road, King plans a sequel that is going to revolve around the son, Danny Torrance, which is now an adult, but is still haunted by his violent past.

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New Posters for Book of Eli & Wolfman

The poster site, IMP Awards, has just posed to new movie posters for two upcoming movies, which I really look forward to, The Book of Eli and The Wolfman.

Both movies stars some great actors, like Denzel Washington, Gary Oldman and Mila Kunis in The Book of Eli and in The Wolfman, we will enjoy Anthony Hopkins, Benicio del Toro, Emily Blunt and Hugo Weaving as they fight a werewolf.

Both movies has premiere next year and first out is The Book of Eli on January 15 and just a month after that The Wolfman will howl into the theaters on February 12.

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Photos from Resident Evil Afterlife

I landed on today and stumble upon a couple of very interesting photos from the set of Resident Evil Afterlife, which is currently filming in Toronto, Canada.

The photos show Milla Jovovich and Ali Larter, together with the new participant in the Resident Evil franchise, Wentworth Miller, preparing for a scene on something that looks like a boat.

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Case 39 Trailer

In the upcoming, Case 39, Renée Zellweger finds herself light years from those cozy feel good movies she has appeared in recently. In Case 39 she plays Emily Jenkins, a social who manages to save a 10-year-old girl (Jodelle Ferland), from being brutally killed by her own parents. She decides to take the girl in, until a proper foster family, is found.

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The Wolfman Trailer

This second trailer for The Wolfman is much better than the previous one, which I found to be a bit lame for my taste. Here we get to see much more of the juicy parts, compared with the first one that had its focus on the plot and the characters.

The trailer also shows that the director Joe Johnston has managed to capture the mysterious atmosphere of the Victorian era, well. Actually, so well that I its tone is very similar to another good monster movie, Frankenstein from 1994, with Robert De Niro and Kenneth Branagh.

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