First Look at the New Freddy

I think that the trailer for the upcoming revival of the Elm Street franchise looks promising and it seems that Samuel Bayer have grasped the essence of the story, as well. The trailer focuses on the background story of Freddy, and shows how a group of parents traps him inside a building, which they set on fire, burning him alive. After that, it shows Freddy in his true element, the nightmares.

As Freddy, we will see Rorschach from Watchman, Jackie Earle Haley, instead of Robert Englund who has played Freddy in all the previous movies. I think it was a wise decision, and I have no doubt that Haley will do a splendid performance as he slice and dice his way through this one.

Bedsides Haley, the movie stars Kyle Gallner, from The Haunting in Connecticut and Jennifer’s body, as well as Katie Cassidy from Taken.

Since the release is set to 30 April 2010, we can look forward to see plenty more of Freddy, in the next trailers.

A Nightmare on Elm Street Teaser Trailer:

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