The Cozy Deathtraps in Saw VI

It’s just a couple of weeks before Saw VI will go up, on October 23, and I guess that you’re as excited as I am, to see what kind of cozy deathtraps Marcus Dunstan and Patrick Melton have come up with, this time.

To be honest, the main reason that I relish the Saw franchise is for the roughshod and genius traps, the story comes in second place, for me anyway. Therefore, I thought it would be fun to take a look of the known traps in Saw VI.

The first one seems a bit lame, the carousel trap. The trap consists of 6 people strapped on a carousel. Only two can survive and a shotgun will smoke the remaining four.

The next trap seems to have a bit of juice in it though. This one traps your head with metal bars, which slowly contracts against your temples, until they smash into your skull.

Two other traps, is the steam room, which is supposed to be a multi-level trap and another one where two people are strapped with chains, wearing oxygen masks. Even though the function of these traps isn’t clear, I think that it sounds like they have some potential to become great Saw traps, though.

In addition to these traps, according to some recent stills from the movie, the Rack trap from Saw III is also going to be set up in this one.

You can see a few of the traps in the trailer below, but I’m certain that the movie will give us some more traps, together with a twisted ending, as the icing on the cake.

Saw VI Trailer:

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