2012 5min Preview

A 5 minutes preview clip of Roland Emmerich’s disaster movie 2012 has found its way onto the net. Basically in 2012 Emmerich shows us how our world goes down the toilet at the year of 2012, and in this preview clip, we can see how he choose to spend some of the huge budget of $240M, while doing it.

The clip is rather impressive, starts with John Cusack calling his family and in panic tells them to pack their bags, because California is going down. Of course, they will not listen, since the government has told them that they are fine now. Needles to say, just seconds afterwards, California starts to go down, literally.

You can catch the whole movie, as it will rage into a theater near you on November 13, which happens to be on a Friday…

2012 Preview Video:

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