Episode 3 – Free To Be You and Me

I was optimistic that this episode would be the best this season, so far, in this season, since it would focus mainly on my two favorite characters, Dean and Cass. I was right. It was a witty one, yet filled with a tad of both drama and action.

The episode starts with Sam, lying in a bed at a motel, having trouble sleeping.  As he turns around in bed, he’s suddenly face-to-face with his dead girlfriend, who tells him, that she misses him.

Sam says that he’s dreaming, but Jessica wonders what the difference is, since she’s there all the same. Sam continues to say that he misses her so much, and Jessica tells him that she knows that.

They continue to talk about Sam’s decision to give up hunting and Jessica asks why he’s running away and if he doesn’t, tried that road, once before.  Sam explains that this time it’s different, since he now knows he’s a freak.

Jessica tells him that Sam always have known that there’s was something dark inside him, even though it was hidden deep inside of him, he knew.  She also points out that it was perhaps that who got her killed, as well.  Something that Sam strongly objects to, but Jessica explains that it was all set, from the moment, they first meet and that Sam cannot run from it.

Sam questions Jessica why she’s even there and she says that she might be there in order to protect him, from himself. Since, eventually Sam’s past will catch up and then the people closets to Sam, will die, they always does.

Sam explains that this will not happen, since he won’t do the same mistakes again. Nevertheless, Jessica explains that things are never going to change with Sam, never and with those words, she suddenly disappears, leaving Sam alone in his bed.

After that, we get to see what Sam and Dean was doing a week prior to the meeting with Jessica. We learn that Sam got a job at a road bar, while Dean is off hunting and killing demons, on his own.

After a good hunt, where Dean had finished off a vampire with the words “Eat it, Twilight!” and he’s cleaning his jacket, at motel, Cass suddenly appears before him.

Dean wonders how Cass could find him, since the symbols he has on his ribs, would keep him invisible to all angels. Cass explains that Bobby told him, where to find Dean. He also wonders where Sam is, and Dean explains that they have taken separate vacations for a while.

Dean asks Cass if he found God yet and if he could have his necklace back. Cass answers that he hasn’t and that’s why he’s there. He needs help with tracking down the angel that killed him, the Archangel Raphael. Dean then asks, if Cass where killed by a teenage-mutant-ninja-angel.

Cass explains that Raphael is the only one who might know the whereabouts of God and that Dean and him will trap Raphael and interrogate him. Dean is a bit reluctant to the idea of going after such a powerful angel, but Cass explains that no angel would dare touching Dean, since he’s Michael’s vessel. After Cass begged him, Dean finally agrees, and they heads off to Main.

After that, we’re back at the road bar, where we learn that Sam’s goes under the name Keith. One of his co-workers, a blond girl named Lindsay, starts to question Sam’s past and challenges him on with a game of dart. If she wins, Sam will buy her dinner and tell her everything about his past. Sam agrees and wins the duel with just three throws. After the duel, Sam sees on the news that massive hail and lighting storms has materialized in the area, typical signs of demon activities.

Meanwhile Dean and Cass have arrived to Main, where they will question a deputy sheriff, who Cass says has seen the Archangel Raphael.  According to Cass all they need to do, is to tell the deputy that he has seen the archangel and he will then tell them where to find him.

However, Dean explains that they cannot just go in there and tell the deputy the truth and when Cass wonders why, Dean says it because they humans and when a human wants something really bad, they lie. Naturally, Cass wonders why, to what Dean explains, that is how you become president.

The scene where Dean and Cass go into the sheriff department, presenting themselves as FBI agents, is quite hilarious. Anyway, the deputy explains that he served at a riot, which ended with a gas station exploding, and that he noticed a mechanic, who didn’t got a single wound from the explosion. The deputy also tells Dean and Cass, that the mechanic now is located at a local hospital named, St. Pete’s.

Dean and Sam heads over to the hospital and find the mechanic, sitting in a wheelchair. Cass notices that Raphael isn’t present in that body, and it’s just an empty vessel. Dean asks if that is what will happen to him, when Michael leaves his body. Cass explains that Michael is far more powerful and that it will be even worse, for Dean’s body.

Meanwhile, Sam calls Bobby, to letting him know about the revolution omens that have appeared in the area. Bobby asks why Sam is calling him, telling him that. Sam them explains that he thought that Bobby could alert any hunters, which might be located near the town. When Booby explains that Sam is the best hunter for this, Sam says that he must sit this one out and ends the conversation.

After that we’re back with Dean, who is in a house, just as Cass appears, telling Dean that he has been to Jerusalem, picking up some very special oil, that they will use to get trap Raphael with. Dean asks if trapping Raphael isn’t dangerous, to what Cass explains that he would likely die, but that Dean will be probably be all right.

When then asks Cass what he would like to do on his, maybe, last night on earth, Cass say that he just thought that he would sit, in the room, in quite. That is something that Dean will not approve upon and when he starts to question Cass about his love life, he learns that Cass is still a virgin. That shocks Dean that take Cass out for a night that he wouldn’t forget.

Back at the road bar, Sam gets a visit from a couple of hunters. Sam gets in a hot spot, when he tries to explain their presents for Lindsay, but they help him out with a white lie. Then they ask his help, to defeat the demons in the area, but to their disappointment, Sam politely turns them down.

Meanwhile, Dean as managed to get Cass hooked up with an escort, but it all ends in chaos as instead of being romantic with his chick, Cass tells her that it wasn’t her fault that her father leaved her family, it was because he hated his job. Nevertheless, afterwards Dean tells Cass that it was a really long time, years, since he had so much fun.

Back at the road bar, Sam is having dinner with Lindsay, who believes Sam has been with the mafia and is now under witness protection. However, Sam tells him that he used to run a business with his brother and that he made some mistakes that he isn’t proud of, which hurt a lot of people. Then his Lindsay figures that Sam has an addiction and she’s an alcoholic that has been sober for a year.

After that, we’re back with Dean and Cass, who are at the hospital, where they start the ritual, to lure out Raphael. Cass pours the oil out in a ring, around Raphael’s vessel, sets it on fire, and whispers something on an ancient language. However, nothing happens, they leave the hospital, and drives back to the house.

Now, the highlights of this episode occur, on two fronts, actually.

As Dean and Cass enter the house, Raphael is already there. A verbal fight breaks out, but Dean and Cass knew that he was coming, and manage to capture Raphael in a ring of fire.

Cass asks Raphael where God is, to what Raphael answers that God is dead. However, that is something that Cass doesn’t believe and asks Raphael who, if not God, that brought him back. Raphael then suggests that it was Lucifer, who brought him back, since he need all the rebellion angels, he can lay his hands on. That offends Cass, which decide that he and Dean should leave.

As they, are about to leave, Raphael warns Cass to leave him there and that he will find him, eventually. Cass just looks at Raphael and says, “Maybe one day, but today you’re my little bitch!”
Dean, that is almost speechless over how Cass chose to express himself says, “What he said!”, and they both leave the house.

Meanwhile Sam gets his hands full, as the hunters return to the road bar, but this time they are only two, since the demons got one of them. With Lindsey as their hostage, they demand that Sam tells the truth about whom he is and what he has done. Sam reluctantly tells them that he started the apocalypse.

One of the hunters has a glass tube, filled with demon blood. They overpowering Sam and pours the blood into his mouth, with the hopes that he will get his powers back and help them fight the demons. However, Sam only pretends that he swallowed the blood, which he spits in the face of one of the hunters, before he attacks them, this time he beats them, and throws them out of the bar.

After the bar fight, we get to see Dean and Cass talking in the Impala. Dean thinks that Cass little crusade is crazy, but he understands him, since he knows a thing or two about missing a father, so he tells Cass to go for it. Cass wonders how Dean are and Dean says that he’s fine. When Cass asks if he’s fine, even without his brother Dean answers, “Especially without my brother.” He explains that his family has chained him so long and that now when he is alone, he’s happy. After that, Cass disappears, leaving Dean alone in the car.

In the last scene of this episode, Sam is lying in his bed, as he gets another visit from Jessica. She continues to talk about Sam’s decision and Sam tells her that people can change. However, suddenly Jessica transforms, into Lucifer, who has disguising himself as Jessica, all along.

He explains to Sam that the body he is in now is just a temporary one, since Sam is his true vessel.  This upsets Sam, which tells Lucifer that he will never give his consent to that. However, Lucifer explains to Sam, that he will give his consent, eventually, without any lies or tricks from him. When Sam asks Lucifer why, Lucifer tells him that it always had to be him, before he disappears.

I think that this was a great episode; I especially enjoyed the interaction between Dean and Cass, which I thought was just brilliant. I also thought that they got the balance between Dean and Sam’s different experiences in this episode, just right.

However, since Sam is supposed to be Lucifer’s vessel and Dean Michael’s, we can guess that this season may end with the sibling fight of the century, which can be quite fascinating, if Kripke will go for that end, will say.

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