The Book of Eli Trailer

The first thought that smashed through my head, after I had seen the savage trailer for the Hughes brothers upcoming post-apocalyptic movie, The Book of Eli, was that it looked like they had snatched Will Smith’s “I am Legend” and pumped it full of amphetamines!

The Trailer draws up a dark future, where a war has devastated the earth, leaving just a handful survivors. One of those survivors is Eli (Denzel Washington), a remorseless and ruthless hero.

Eli has a book in his possession, which he guards with all available means, that contains vital information on how to redeem humanity.

As the villain, we see Gary Oldman playing Carnegie, a tyrant running a small godforsaken town, who also wants to lay his dirty hands, on the book. Mila Kunis also has a big role in this movie, a role that Kristen Stewart turned down due to her work with Twilight movie.

Those post-apocalyptic movies always get me excited, but I have a tendency to give them too much hope, as well. Like “I Am Legend”, even though Will Smith did a good job, seeing him talking to mannequins and his dog for over an hour wasn’t quite what I had hoped for, though.

That is why I look forward to see Denzel Washington and Gary Oldman, battle this one out in January 15, next year; it contains everything I missed in “I Am Legend” – A huge dosage of action and momentum.

The Book of Eli Trailer:

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