Status: Filming in September

After a quick check on what movies that has begun filming recently, I found two interesting flicks that can be worth a closer look.

I was surprised that no one had grasped the opportunity to make a movie about one of the scariest things floating around at the moment, the swine flu H1N1, until now that is.

H1N1: Virus X

On September 14, the straight to DVD production company, Sterling Home Entertainment, started filming their upcoming movie titled, H1N1: Virus X. Ryan Stevens Harris has penned it and he will also be directing this – straight to DVD I assume – movie.

H1N1: Virus X revolves around a couple of evil scientists, which creates a highly contagious virus, and a cover up that will spice the story with some action and mystery. Among the actors, I noticed Priscilla Barnes, who played Balinda Parson in Thr3e, but besides her, I didn’t recognize anyone, though. The release date for H1N1: Virus X is February, next year.

Mother’s Day

Another movie, which sounds a tad more promising, is the Saw director Darren Lynn Bousman’s remake of Troma’s cult classic Mother’s Day, from 1980, which started filming on September 7.

Scott Milam has penned the screenplay, from Charles Kaufman original script, which he seems to have adapted to reflect our current economic situation. The story revolves around three fugitive brothers, who seek protection in their childhood home, only to discover that their mom has lost their home in a foreclosure. The mother then introduces her son’s into the art of exploitation, on the new owner’s expense…

The movie has an impressive list of actors in, Briana Evigan (recently seen in Sorority Row), Deborah Ann Woll (known from True Blood), Alexa Vega and Jaime King.

On top of that, we will see Rebecca De Mornay, portraying the vicious mother from hell, as well.

Brian at the blog, A Horror Movie a Day, has posted a couple of fresh photos, straight from the set, which you can enjoy here.

Also, if everything goes as planned, Mother’s Day will see a release next year, just in time for mother’s day, actually.

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