Episode 3 – Kick Ass Promo Clip

I just looked at the clip for episode 3, Free to Be You and Me, and I think that it’ll be a real kickass episode!

The premise is that Sam has laid down hunting, as we could see in episode 2, to focus on how to get rid of his urge for demon blood, leaving Dean to take on the Apocalypse on his own. However, Sam receives a message from a visitor, telling Sam that he will not let him off the hook, that easily.

I’m afraid that this AA story arch might be a tad boring, so I hope that Sam manages to get his stuff together, within an episode or two.

Nonetheless, now with the boring Sam out of the way, we will have an episode, with Dean and Cass, teaming up to track down the Archangel Raphael, since Cass has a hunch that Raphael might know the whereabouts of God.

This promo clip, which is top notch by the way, shows us a scene with Dean and Cass discussing a ritual that they are going to perform, which will most likely kill Castiel. Since it might be Cass last night here on earth, Dean ask him what his plans are, to which Cass replies, that he thought he would just sit there, quietly.

As you might suspect, this is something that Dean will not listen to, so he suggest something that they could do, the Dean way!

Episode 3 Clip – Free to Be You and Me