Episode 2 – Good God, Y’All

The episode starts with Dean and Sam at the hospital, visiting a grumpy Bobby in a wheelchair. Since Cass engravings on Dean and Sam’s ribs, now hides them from all Angels, Cass calls the brothers on Sam’s cell, wondering where they are.

Moments later he shows up and Booby require that Cass must heal him. Cass, being cut off from heaven, explains that he doesn’t have all his power left, so he cannot help Bobby, which doesn’t make Bobby any happier.

He then explains that he is out to find God, literally, since God isn’t in heaven he must be somewhere and Cass believes that they can defeat Lucifer, with the help of God. To find God, Cass needs Dean’s amulet, the one he got from Sam as a Christmas present and always wears around his neck. Cass tells them that this is a very special amulet and that it burns hot in God’s presence. Dean hands it over, though reluctantly and says that he feels naked, without it.

Also in this scene, Dean and Cass give us a memorable and straightforward dialogue, about the whereabouts of God,

Dean: “God?”

Cass: “Yes!”

Dean: “God!”

Cass: “Yes, God, he isn’t in heaven he must be somewhere.”

Dean: “Try New Mexico, I hear he’s on a tortia.”

Cass: (pauses and thinks for a moment) “No, he is not on any flatbread.”

Dean: “Listen, chuckles. Even if there is a God, he’s either dead, and that’s the generous theory…”

Cass: “He IS out there, Dean!”

Dean: “Or, he is up and kicking and doesn’t give a rat’s ass about any of us.”

Cass just looks at Dean, apparently miffed.

Dean: “I mean look around you, man, the world is in the toilet! We are literally at the end of days, here and he’s off somewhere drinking booze out of a coconut!”

After that, Bobby gets a call from Rufus, asking for help as demons are attacking him in a town and Dean and Sam heads off to assist him.

In the town, which seems deserted, Dean and Sam meet Ellen and she tells them that demon’s has possessed the townspeople and that Rufus and Jo is lost.

Later, Dean and Sam figures out that no one is actually possessed. Instead, it’s War, one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse who fiddles with people minds, with his ring, making them believe that they see demons, and kill of one another. Dean and Sam, eventually, capture War and since they cannot kill him, they cut of his ring finger, freeing the townspeople from their delusions.

Afterwards, Sam explains that he think that he is in no shape for hunting and that it might be best if they go on, in separate ways. Dean agrees, which was apparently not what Sam wanted to hear. However, after turning down the offer of taking the Impala, they say their goodbyes, Sam gets a ride out of town, and the episode ends.

Overall, I think “Good God, Y’All” started off pretty good, with the scene at the hospital, but after that it lost a bit of momentum and fell into the standard Supernatural template, without giving us much new.

I think it’s obvious that Kripke are using these first episodes, as a solid foundation for what to come in this season, and I guess that the show will pick up in momentum, somewhere within episode 5 or 6, or what do you think?

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