The Stepfather – Another Remake

The team behind ,the rather unsuccessfully remake of Prom Night last year, director Nelson McCormick and writer J.S. Cardone, are ready to bring us another remake, on October 16. This time it’s The Stepfather, first made in 1987 by Joseph Ruben, with Terry ‘Quinn and Jill Schoelen, which will get an overhaul by McCormic/Cardone.

Even though they failed with their last venture, I think that the trailer indicates that they might have got it right this time.

The plot for “The Stepfather” revolves around the young man Michael Harding (Penn Badgley), as he arrives home from military school and meets his mother’s new man, David Harris (Dylan Walsh).

David seems to be the perfect stepdad and just the one Michael’s mother needs, however when David moves in with the family, Michael starts to suspect that David isn’t quite the perfect man, he appears to be.

With the help of his girlfriend, Kelly (Amber Heard) and other friends of the family, Michael decides to unravel the dark mystery, which seems to slumber in his new stepfather’s past.

I hope that McCormic/Cardone will be able to construct a suspense thriller, this time, worthy its forerunner, which actually got a warm welcome by the critiques.

I don’t know what it is, or if it’s just me, but somehow the trailer reminds me of the thriller, Disturbia from 2007, with Shia LaBeouf.

What do you think about this remake, will it be worth watching, or not?

The Stepfather Movie Trailer:

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