Legion Trailer

Scott Stewart’s directing debut, Legion, seems a bit interesting, to say the least or what can you say about a plot that includes a grouchy God that is so fed up with humankind, that he sends down a legion of angels to simply exterminate it?

The core of the story takes place at truck stop dinner, in the middle of nowhere. It is at the dinner an archangel, played Paul Bettany, lands after he voluntarily has come to earth, in an effort to try to save, the only one who can save humankind, messiah.

There is just one problem, messiah isn’t even born yet, he lies peacefully inside the womb of a waitress, played by Adrianne Palicki. Thankfully, the dinner contains a bunch of good people that offers to help the archangel and becomes the last line of defense, to protect the unborn messiah and the humanity, from the Legion of angry angels.

I guess that some people may find the plot, to be rather offensive, because it sets out to portray God as something vicious, who wants to destroy his creations. However, that is why I find it to be interesting, besides the fact that I like angels and demons, to see why God has decided to end his project of humankind.

Is it because he has come up with an idea that would work better, or has he decided to toss us away like an unfinished drawing, that didn’t turn out so well?

Even though the movie, judging by the trailer, looks to be a bit frivolous, I really hope that the movie will provide an answer to that question above, when it wings into our cinemas on January 22, 2010.

Legion Trailer:

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