Hope for a Sixth Season?

Sometime ago, EW – Ausiello Files posted some interesting news about future of the TV-show Supernatural.

It appears that even though Kripke withholds that the Supernatural will withdraw, after five flourishing seasons, in May next year, he give us hope for a sixth season, at the same time!

According to EW’s article, Kripke states that he consider season 5 to be the last chapter for this particular story arc, but that doesn’t mean that the whole franchise must end with it. He draws parallels to the fates of X-files and Buffy, as examples.

That sounds promising; however, I think that Supernatural should only continue, if Kripke is the one pulling the strings, since I can hardly imagine that anyone else could write a continuation better than he could.

Therefore, is Kripke will not be involved in a future season of Supernatural, I guess it’s better if Supernatural ended with a memorable final, which marked the end of it. I would really detest, if they just milked Supernatural dry.

However, CW hasn’t said anything about a possible renewal of the show, either, and I think that they will wait to see what kind of reception the current season gets, before they decide anything. Unfortunately, just 3.4million viewers saw the premiere, which is a dip of 18%, from last year’s premiere. However, I hope that more people will join up behind the show and it develops.

One thought on “Hope for a Sixth Season?

  1. I agree completely. I’m a huge Supernatural fan and there’s not much great, entertaining programming on, so I hope we don’t lose this one. I think there’s a lot more story to be told about the Winchester Bros.


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