Episode 1 – Sympathy for the Devil

AC/DC’s Thunderstruck, with its hard pounding drum, accompanied by a fierce riff, blasted off the premier episode of Supernatural rolled out on my TV; months of agonizing wait was finally over!

The fifth episode of Supernatural, Sympathy for the Devil, picked up the thread from the final episode in last season, Lucifer Rising, where Sam just unknowingly broke the final seal, by finishing off Lilith, and sat Lucifer free.

Throughout the summer, I’ve wondered how Kripke would present the devil, in a way that was not too wussy. He solved it, with a swift clip, just as Lucifer would appear in front of Sam and Dean, to a cartoon version of the devil.

I think it was a superb dodge by Kripke, to avoid showing us Lucifer. Sam and Dean wouldn’t meet Lucifer either, as they suddenly were onboard on an airplane, wondering how they got there.

The Winchesters then looks up Chuck, which is surprised to see that Sam is all right, as he seen him in one of his vision, becoming something else. Chuck also tells them that Castiel’s fight with the archangel didn’t end that well, since he had exploded like a water balloon of Chunky soup.

Just as Sam and Dean are about to grasp that Cass is dead, Zachariah appears accompanied by two sidekicks and tries to convince Dean to help them fight the Devil. However, Dean delivers one of his many punch lines this episode; “Cram it with walnuts, ugly” and then uses a symbol, drawn on his own blood, to cast away the Angels.

Afterwards, in a hotel room, Sam tries to talk to Dean about what has happen, but Dean seems reluctant to the idea, though.

We also meet a lone man, who starts to see visions, in his bedroom and we quickly realize that he’s the one, who will become Lucifer’s vessel.

Meantime, Chuck has had another vision, and he sends a slightly crazy chick to delivers it to the brothers. It’s about that the Angels have lost Archangel Michael’s sword, somewhere on earth and they decide to pay a visit to Bobby, to see what he knows about the sword.

It appears that Michael used his sword to defeat the devil, in the last fight in heaven. Sam and Dean decide that they will find the sword and defeat the Devil with it, once again.

As Bobby learns that Sam is the one responsible for the Armageddon, he gives Sam a severe scolding, telling him that he hope that Sam lose his number, when this is over. Touched by Booby’s harsh words, Sam leaves the house. Knowing your Supernatural, you know that this isn’t like Bobby; however, Dean doesn’t see a darn thing, though.

Shortly thereafter, Dean finds a note that suggests that the sword might be in one of his father’s old storage units. However, then the demon, who is possessing Bobby knocks Dean to the floor and three more demons enters, among them an old friend, Meg.

Dean is overpowered and as Bobby is about to stab Dean with Ruby’s knife he manage to break free, shortly, and stab himself instead.

Then Sam reappears and a fight breaks out, ending with Meg leaving her human body and flees. The brothers take Bobby to a hospital, before they head off to the storage unit, to find the sword, before the demons do.

Meanwhile, the lonely man’s visions get more intense and gruesome.

At the storage unit the brothers discovers dead demons and suddenly Zachariah appears with his sidekicks, explaining to them that the sword refers to Dean’s body, as it’s Michael’s vessel on earth. However, Dean recent this idea, as he doesn’t find it amusing to become, as he put it, “Angel condom”

However, it appears that Dean must give his consent, before Michael can possess his body, something that Dean, of course, refuse to give.

Just as Zachariah becomes slightly frustrated and starts torturing the brothers Castiel shows up and kills Zachariah’s sidekicks. He then insinuates to Zachariah, that there might be some higher power in play and that Zachariah would know whom, before he tells him to disappear.

Cass then burns in a sigil, into Sam and Dean’s ribs, which will hide them from any Angels, including Lucifer. He then admits that he was dead, but as Dean asks him about how he got back, he takes his usual way out of the discussion, by disappearing.

After that action packed scene, we meet the lone man again, as he meets Lucifer, disguised as a woman. She tells him that she is Lucifer and that he must give his permission, before he can take control over his body.

The man asks why he would agree to something like that, and Lucifer explains to him that he can get revenge on God, who just stood by, while his wife and child were brutally murdered. He agrees.

The episode ends with Dean and Sam, talking on a parking lot, after they have visited Bobby at the hospital. Dean explains to Sam that he cannot trust him anymore and that things can never go back to what they where, between them, again.


I enjoyed seeing Dean, Sam and Cass again and found this premiere episode to be quite OK, without being that special in anyway, more than that they were back, as their usual selves, which is as good start, I think.

I think that the highlight of this episode, where Dean’s punch line galore, where he really got to show off his vocabulary. Here are my favorite Dean quotes, for this episode.

“You just keep the distance, ass hat!”

“Cram it with walnuts, ugly!”

“You kidding me, tough? That looks like Cate Blanchett!”

“Oh yeah, life as an Angel condom. That’s real fun!”

Moreover, I think this episode also shows that this season, has the potential to become one of the best ones ever.

The next episode titled “Good God, Y’All”, is shown on Citizenship Day, September 17. In that episode, Bobby gets a call from Rufus, who’s asking for help, as his town is under attack from demons. As Dean and Sam arrives to the town, they discover that the people are hallucinating, believing that they are in fact demons, which causing them to finish each other off.

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