House M.D. Season 6 Promo Clip

On September 21, the sixth season of House M.D. will start and it will be a real solemn moment, for us House fans, since the first episode will be two hour long.

I will be frank and tell you that halfway through the last season, I started to get the feeling that the show had started to repeat itself. However, as the season evolved, with House going to the nuthouse, as the highlight, I now think that there is plenty of exciting story arcs, to make this season to one the best ones.

The idea of taking away House his license, bereaving him of his authority and dignity, is very interesting and one can just imagine how he will deal with that and what the consequences will be.

In the promo clip below, there is one scene, where House talks down a claustrophobic patient, while they’re playing basketball, which shows that he hasn’t lost his touch. In addition, the scene where House meets the other inpatients and replies with, “You’re all idiots” is bound to a House classic.
As for as the clip show, it seems that we can expect another beatifying season of House, however, the only thing that I doesn’t like, is his new haircut, but I guess I can live with that, though.

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