No Cat Suit for Megan Fox, yet

Earlier today, British press announced that Megan Fox would follow, Michelle Pfeiffer and Halle Berry, and play Catwoman, in the next Batman movie. They also wrote that the filming would start next year, with a premiere date of the summer of 2011.

Therefore, if you already pictured Megan Fox in a tight leather suit, arching her back and mewing, I’m sorry to say that it will not happen, not just yet anyway, all according to an article at People.

A studio representative said that it was not true, and that it was just a rumor. He continued to say that there isn’t a script, at this time, so there isn’t even a project to cast Megan.

Nevertheless, you must admit that Megan would be a fantabulous Catwoman, and maybe this little rumor has given them some ideas!

To be fair to the British tabloid, they did mention that the information was unconfirmed, nevertheless, the rumor or should I say the anticipation, to see Megan Fox in a black tight suit, spread rapidly over the net, all the same.

Photo: Copyright © DreamWorks Pictures

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