Hancock 2 Springing

After the DVD/Blu-ray release of Hancock, Will Smith said that a sequel could be possible and that there was a discussion about the project.

Now, it seems that his awkward superhero will get a sequel, since Columbia has called in, Adam Fierro and Glen Mazzara, who previously worked together with the TV-show, The Shield, to write a follow-up.

Smith and the director from the first movie, Peter Berg, will accompany the two writers, as well.

Even though the plot is unrevealed, Smith has previously said that the story will present a brand new world, and that people will be surprised over the result. I guess that Will Smith will have to come up with a rather amazing world, if he would like to see this sequel fly.

I think that as they removed the only thing that was good with the first one, Hancock’s blunt and forthright behavior, they took away the very essence of the story, as well.

I don’t think that Hancock would have grossed a bit over $600 million, if he had been your standard superhero, in tights. I knew that I wouldn’t pay, to see a housebroken Hancock, so if they want my money they better have to come up with a quite original plot.

What do you think, what would it take, to make you want to see Hancock 2?

Photo: ©2008 Columbia Pictures

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