Spider-Man 4 and Beyond

James Vanderbilt, the Zodiac author is currently penning Spider-Man 5 and 6. Apparently, Sony has no problem giving the man some trust, despite the fact that director Sam Raimi was so discomfited, with Vanderbilt’s script for Spider-Man  4, that he called in David Lindsay-Abaire, to rewrite it.

In addition, that script was rewritten a third time, by the Seabiscuit writer Gary Ross.

A bit confusing, don’t you think?

However, I have great thrust in that Sam Raimi know what he is doing and I guess that if James Vanderbilt’s ideas for Spider-Man 5 and 6 stinks, Raimi will just see to get them rewritten, despite what Sony thinks.

Nevertheless, something I found a bit more interesting is who the villains in Spider-Man 4 will be.

My best guess is that we will see Dr. Connors become the Lizard, after he injects himself with reptilian DNA, in hopes that his missing arm, will grew back.

I base that guess on that Dylan Baker, who have played Connors in the three previous movies, has said that he wants to play his character’s villainous alter ego. In addition, the producer Grant Curtis is also a big fan on the Lizard.

Beside, Raimi himself has also stated that if he would direct Spider-Man 4, he would like to include the Lizard, in that one. It makes sense; why else would Raimi let a character hang around for three movies, if he not were going to use him, for something, eventually?

The buzz also places, another one of Raimi’s favorite villains in the fourth Spider-Man movie, Carnage, which is a darker and more vicious version of Venom. If Raimi decides to include Carnage, I am guessing that the story in Spider-Man 4 will be even darker, than the previous one, something that I would not have a problem with, though.

In addition, a rumor says that Raimi wants to bring in Vulture and Electro, in an effort to introduce the Sinister Six, as well.

I think that anyone of the villains mentioned above would fit in perfectly. However, there are villains that I don’t want to see up there, like Rhino, Kraven the Hunter or Man-Wolf, for example. I think that if they bring in anyone of these, it would spoil much of the exciting and vibrant universe that Raimi has created over the last three movies.

Photo: © Sony Pictures

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