The Lovely Bones Trailer

It looks like Peter Jackson created a little dream team when he did his new movie, The Lovely Bones, or what do you call this line up with; Rachel Weisz (Oscar Winner), Susan Sarandon (Oscar Winner), Saoirse Ronan (Oscar Nominee), Mark Wahlberg (Oscar Nominee)?

If that was not enough, he also called in some old friends from the LOT team and Oscar winners, Fran Walsh and Philippa Boyens, to help him with the script. In addition, as the icing of the cake, Brian Eno offered himself to do the entire scoring of the movie, as well.

The Lovely Bones is an adaptation of the bestseller, written by Alice Sebold, about a 14-year-old girl that is brutally raped and murdered. From heaven, she observes how her family, as well as her murder, deals with the aftermath of her death.

I think that the trailer, which looks painfully beauteous, displays a well-played drama with a lot of suspense lingering on top of it and I can hardly wait to see it.

The Lovely Bones will go up on December 11, just in time for the award season and my best guess is that Peter Jackson really wants to wrap his fingers around, at least, one Oscar for this one.

After watching the trailer below, what do you think; will The Lovely Bones be as good as it looks?

Photo: Copyright © Paramount Pictures

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