Will There Ever Be a Duke Nukem Movie?

There have been rumors now of a movie adaption, of the highly popular and often criticized video game Duke Nukem, for over ten years now and I wonder if it will ever shoot its way out of development hell.

First, there was Lawrence Kasanoff said that he was working in a movie in the late -90s, but that project did not live that long. Kasanoff did another attempt in 2001, but once again, the project did not make it.

The latest solid rumor emerged in 2008, which said that the Max Payne producer had taken the movie under his wings.

Currently IMDB has Duke Nukem listed as in development, with the somewhat unknown actor Greg Rogala, rumored as Duke Nukem.

However, I would like to see the Swedish actor Dolph Lundgren, currently in the upcoming action movie, The Expendables, as Duke Nukem.

I think that he, with his accent; he would be astonishing, pouring machismo on liners all over the place, while sending aliens to kingdom com!

Duke Nukem’s way of express himself is one of the main reasons that I enjoyed the games, and why I think it could be a great B Movie, or what do you say about these clever and brutal Nukem quotes,

“In a perfect world you should already be dead!”

“Your face, your ass – what’s the difference?!”

“Rest in pieces.”

“Don’t just stand there! Shoot something!”

“I got no time to bleed!”

Seriously, picture yourself a pumped up Dolph Lundgren, in black sunglasses overlooking a horde of aliens while hissing, “It’s time to kick ass and chew bubblegum!”, just before unloading his weapon.

I think every true Duke Nukem fan, me included, would pay for watching a scene like that, actually.

Nevertheless, let us not get carried away now, because you should not expect a Duke Nukem movie until earliest 2011, if ever.

On the other side, considering the current craze around all the comic book heroes making it to the silver screen, chances are that there might be an opening for our favorite alien slayer, as well.

What do you think, would you like to see a movie adaption of Duke Nukem and if so, whom would you like to see as Duke?

Photo Credit: 3D Realms.

3 thoughts on “Will There Ever Be a Duke Nukem Movie?

  1. hi i would like a movie of the biggest alien asskicker ever that would be great.
    but i would prefer an actor like arnold schwartzenegger in his younger years.
    but we cant get back into the past.
    john cena would be great to. or the enemy of ironman in ironman 2 he has a great face for a duke movie ( not such a babyface like other men XD )
    mickey rourke is his name.
    or maybe the undertaker would be nice he is big muscular and uh scary.
    but thats my opinion.
    my favorite would be john cena.

    greetz Mark


  2. always wondered if there would be a Duke Nukem movie thinking someone buff with a accent and with a good story line for the movie and relate the movie with the videogame this would make a great movie


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