Gervais Tells a Lie

Ricky Gervais is finally doing his directing debut, with the movie, The Invention of Lying, which he has written together with Matthew Robinson, whom also co-directed this one with Gervais.

I like the plot a lot and I think it shows that Gervais is smart as whip, when it comes to create comedy out of normal social situations.

In The Invention of Lying, Gervais has placed his character, Mark, right in the middle of an alternate world, where no one has ever lied, not even a little white lie has ever leaved any mouth, what so ever. One day Mark tells a lie and soon he discovers that he can use lies, to his change the world, to his own personal gain.

Gervais has also taken Tina Fey, Jennifer Garner, Jason Bateman, Rob Lowe and Jonah Hill into this bizarre adventure.

I am rather amazed that no one has come up with the gleaming idea of doing Liar, Liar in a backwards kind of way, before. Since I enjoy Gervais style of humor and acting, I believe that this will be a rip-roaring funny movie.

I think that Gervais sums it up pretty well, on his blog, where he writes,

“The Invention Of Lying is a fun adventure with some great comic actors saying some funny things. (In my opinion.) “

The movie will open in USA 25 September 2009 and in the UK shortly thereafter on 2 October 2009. Until then you can check out the trailer and let your opinions form a digital footprint, in the comments below.
The Invention of Lying Trailer:

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