A Perfect Getaway Trailer

Milla Jovovich’s upcoming thriller seems to be a story about a complex game of hide-and-seek wrapped inside a beautifully scenery.

A Perfect Getaway is about an adventurous couple (Steve Zahn and Milla Jovovich) that has decided to spend their honeymoon, backpacking to a wonderful and remote beach on Hawaii.

While they embark to discover their newfound paradise, they decide to team up with a couple of other hikers that they meet on their way.

Shortly thereafter, they get the terrifying news that the police found two bodies, murdered and that they are now looking for a man and a woman. Fear starts to grow in the group and soon a deadly game of hide-and-seek starts, where no one is to be trusted and the paradise on earth, transforms into hell.

I think that the savage look Jovovich’s eyes, in the photo below, almost promise us an untamed Jovovich, ravaging in the wild, just as I prefer her to act.

Milla Jovovich / © Rogue Pictures

Alongside Jovovich and Zahn are also Timothy Olyphant, Chris Hemsworth, Kiele Sanchez and Marley Shelton, playing the other hikers.

I find the storyline interesting and I suspect that we will get to see one or two unexpected twists as this action-phased thriller evolves in the cinemas August 7.

A Perfect Getaway Trailer:

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