Stallone Gears Up for Rambo 5

With the latest addition in the Rambo franchise, Stallone added that this would be the last movie about the seasoned war veteran. However, now Variety reports that Stallone is gearing up a fifth mission for John Rambo. I wonder if it was because Rambo 4 raked in $155M worldwide, which got Stallone’s creativity juices flooding? … Read more

House M.D. Season 6 Promo Clip

On September 21, the sixth season of House M.D. will start and it will be a real solemn moment, for us House fans, since the first episode will be two hour long. I will be frank and tell you that halfway through the last season, I started to get the feeling that the show had … Read more

2012 New Japanese Trailer

When I first heard that Roland Emmerich would direct another disaster themed movie, my first thought was, is he going to make a sequel to, The Day After Tomorrow, Godzilla or Independence Day. This was not the case.

This time Emmerich found his disaster in the doomsday predictions surrounding the year 2012.

The reason that some people believe that the world will seize to exists, as we know it in December 2012, is that the Mayan calendar stops there. However, there has been numerous of similar predictions over the years, and we are still here, so I would not feel that anxious about it, if I were you.

I guess that the Mayas stopped creating their calendar; just because they thought that, it was simply enough.

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10 Favorite Lord of the Rings Quotes

I rank Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings trilogy, as one of the best of all times. I never grew tired of watching them, because every time I discover something new, that I hadn’t seen before. Another reason, to why I enjoy watching them repeatedly, is the dialogue. I think that the actors deliver their … Read more

No Cat Suit for Megan Fox, yet

Earlier today, British press announced that Megan Fox would follow, Michelle Pfeiffer and Halle Berry, and play Catwoman, in the next Batman movie. They also wrote that the filming would start next year, with a premiere date of the summer of 2011. Therefore, if you already pictured Megan Fox in a tight leather suit, arching … Read more