Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

With an opening scene that you most likely would expect to find in an action film, the director David Yates, who also did, The Order of the Phoenix, gives the movie a dark and almost dangerous feeling, even when you can smell love in the air.

I must admit that the movie genuinely surprised me, as I was sure that they more or less destroyed it, like the most of the previous ones.

However, this time they actually managed to follow the book, rather well.

I like how they adapted the scene where Harry sits at an underground train station, talking to a pretty girl in a café. When Dumbledore shows up, asking for help with persuade Horace Slughorn to come to Hogwarts and teach potions. They succeed and because of that Snape, eventually get the position as the defense, against the dark arts teacher.

As the movie continues, people inside Hogwarts are falling in love, while dark forces are lurking outside, waiting for a chance to break through. We also introduced to a new character, the grossly cute Lavender Brown, who is very obsessive about Ron.

A sweet love drama unwraps as Ron and Lavender start seeing each other, which makes Hermione upset, since she has a secret fling for Ron. Meanwhile Harry is also facing the troublesome side of love, as he starts to get feelings for Ron’s younger sister, Ginny, who seems to be feeling the same way. Nevertheless, you know what they say you do not fall in love with your friend’s sister.

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In the movie, Harry has other problems as well, with the biggest one being memories. He gets one memory from professor Slughorn. A memory, that Dumbledore is convinced holds the key, to how Voldemort has survived all these years.

Another mystery is the identity of the half-blood prince. The prince is the former owner of Harry’s new potions book, a book filled with notes, which helps Harry become the best in his class.

Of course, there are sceneries from the book that is not present in the movie, but I do not think that they leaved out anything of importance.

Overall, I think it was a good movie, which surprised me in a pleasant way.  However, the Harry Potter saga is reaching its final destination, since there is only one book left, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows.

Deathly Hollows is going to be two movies, which I think is great, since there are many things going on in the last trembling chapters of this saga, which would not have fitted into one movie.

We have to wait until November 2010, before Deathly Hollows will appear in the cinemas, to start the finale of the Harry Potter saga.

If you feel you have the time, you are welcome to add your own opinion about the Half Blood Prince, or the entire Harry Potter franchise, in the comments field below.

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One thought on “Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

  1. i love harry. He is now a handsome young boy. And I love the show. I pity Snape. He is actually good guy but Harry didnt know. 😦


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