The Collector Trailer

The Collector seems to be that kind of movie that will pull your nerves apart, with a vicious smile.  This is not surprising, considering it is Marcus Dunstan and Patrick Melton who has come up with the story.

Dunstan and Melton’s pens are also guilty of the Saw franchise, with its seventh sequel in the works. The Collector was from the beginning thought as a prequel to the Saw movies, but in the end, the producers wanted it to be a standalone story.

In The Collector, we get to follow the ex-con Arkin, played by Josh Stewart, as he comes up with the brilliant idea to break into his employer’s house, to repay a debt to his ex-wife. Unluckily for Arkin, he discovers that he is not the first baddy inside the house and that the family is besieged by the other.

Now the Saw connection comes into the plot. As Arkin decides to be the hero and rescue the family, he discovers that the other intruder has turned the house into a twisted playground, filled with creative and ghastly traps. In addition to that, the baddy starts to mess with his mind, challenging him into an emotional and physical battle.

I think that the trailer looks sleek and gives the impression of a tense and up close thriller. It will also be interesting to see what type of twisted and unexpected gimmick, Dunstan and Melton has come up with, for this one. That alone, makes me want to go to the cinemas July 31, to see it.

The Collector Trailer:

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