Will the Spartans March Again?

Zack Snyder’s 300 is one of the best action movies that I have seen. I remember when I saw it for the first time. How it took a hard grip around my neck and thrown me down in my chair, while adrenaline and testosterone where flying all over the cinema, leaving me happy like a boy on Christmas Eve.

I particularly liked the way they did the fighting scenes, rendering them at variable speeds. That neat little trick placed you so closed to the action that you though you where actually there.

Of course, Gerard Butler was outstanding as King Leonidas as well. What else can you say about the higher form of diplomacy he demonstrated, in the spectacular scene when he meet Xerxes messenger?

“Madness… This is Sparta!”

Photo: © Warner Bros Pictures

Now, The Risky Biz Blog writes that a follow up is in the works, which makes me both exacting and a bit worried, at the same time.

Exciting, since Frank Miller who once again have come up with the story and because Zack Snyder has said that, he is interested in doing another movie with the brave Spartans. However, he has not accepted anything, yet.

Worried because a follow up to a movie of that magnitude, needs to measure up to some rather big expectations, which can be hard. In addition, Warner has not selected a screenwriter, for Miller’s story. However, they claim that they have not hired Kurt Johnstad, who co-wrote 300, which is a mistake, according to me.

As for the story, I think a good idea would be to make a prequel, considering the fact that many of the main characters, died in the first one. If Miller decides to make sequel, then we will just sit there comparing the new characters, with the old ones, which is something that never ends well.

Nevertheless, I am certain that regardless of which road Miller chooses, the story will be baffling. Therefore, I hope that Warner manages to put all loose ends together and serve us with another breathtaking action adventure.

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