Megan Fox Wants To Be the Villain

The Transformers-star Megan Fox, who is currently busy munching on college boys in “Jennifer’s Body”, has turned down an offer to play the next Bond Girl, because she feels that the role would not add anything to her career, according to Contactmusic.

However, it seems that Megan enjoys playing bad girl roles. If the producers would offer her a more villainous role, with a more central part in the movie, she would be interested, says a source close to the production.

There is also a frequent rumor about an adaptation of Hulk’s cousin; She-Hulk is in the works and that Megan Fox will be the one playing the green angry heroine. However, the rumor also puts Nicolas Cage, close to this project and his favorite is Eva Mendez, who he played against in Ghost Raider.

Obviously, Megan Fox would be the first choice, since I can see hordes of amped up boys rushing to the cinemas, to see a vicious Megan Fox dressed up in torn clothes, going berserk.  Even though I personally would prefer Mendez, since I think that she is a much more solid actress, then Fox.

Nevertheless, it seems that Fox is on the hunt for a villainous role, and my best guess is that we going to see her in one, pretty soon.

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