Daybreakers Trailer

Daybreakers, is an upcoming vampire movie with an unusual twist, written and directed by the Spierig Brothers.

The plot of Daybreakers, which is the reason I find it interesting, is set in a post apocalyptic future, where an unknown plague has turned most of the humans into vampires. The vampires saw their opportunity and quickly took control over the world.

To extinguish their thirst for blood, the vampire’s hunts down and put the remaining humans into blood farms. However, because of this, the human race soon faces total extinction, which also threatens the vampires, as well. Therefore, they start to search for a substitute for human blood.

In the meantime, a vampire researcher shows his affection to the humans and decides to help a hidden resistance group, to find a way to save and restore the human race.

I found the plot alluring and look forward to see how the concept, the hunted become the hunter, will turn out. I only hope that they manage to tie it up in the end, though.

Daybreakers have some good actors like, Ethan Hawke who plays the role of Edward, the vampire researcher that wants to save the humans.

We will also see Willem Dafoe, as the vampire Elvis. Who has managed to change back to a human, and is now part of the resistance group that turns to Edward for help.

Sam Neill plays the vampire Charles Bromley, an unscrupulous leader of a big cooperation.

Among the rest of the cast we find, Claudia Karvan and Audrey Bennett that both took part in, Star Wars: Episode III and Isabel Lucas, who recently showed up in Transformers 2.

I hope that Daybreakers, with its creative plot and good actors gives us, who cannot sit through another sugarcoated Twilight movie, a real full-grown alternative, to look forward too.

Daybreakers Trailer:

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