Sunday’s Movie Tip: Boogeyman 3

Boogeyman 3 is an enjoyable and nice horror movie. It will make you twitch a few times, but not to the degree that you will lose any sleep over it, though.

I had my doubts about Boogeyman 3, since I though that the second movie put the whole franchise of the Boogeyman out of track, to say the least.

However, Boogeyman 2 was not a bad movie, I just felt cheated, in some odd way.

Nevertheless, in Boogeyman 3 the ‘real’ Boogeyman is back, to haunt a group of college kids, at a dorm.  The movie has a speedy start, as we meet Audrey, who is the connection the previous movie, since she is the daughter of Dr. Mitchell Allen.

She starts to read her father’s journal, where he writes about his thoughts about the Boogeyman. Soon after that, Audrey gets to know the Boogeyman, a bit more up close and personal.

Audrey then seeks to safety from her friend, Sarah at her dorm. Sarah does not believe Audrey’s story about, the Boogeyman is haunting her and since she is a psychology student, she tries to make Audrey to realize that the Boogeyman is just an urban legend.

However, the following night Sarah becomes an eyewitness, as the Boogeyman strangles Audrey in her room. Sarah calls for help and when the other students rush to her aid, they see Audrey, hanging from the ceiling, with a belt around her neck. That makes everyone believe that Audrey took her own life.

After seeing Audrey’s death, Sarah is confused to what she really saw and starts to think that she is going completely nuts. Her professor and boyfriend tries telling her that she is feeling guilt, from witness her mother’s death, which was similar to the one Audrey, experienced. They also tell her that the Boogeyman is just a manifestation of her guilt.

Soon after Audrey’s death, a series of strange events takes place, which makes Sarah convinced that the Boogeyman is real, if you just believe in him and that the whole dorm is in great danger. Sarah sets out on a rescue mission, with the Boogeyman lurking, just behind her back…

I think that Boogeyman 3 is well composed and a few notch better than the second movie. It seems that they have worked hard to increase the tense, and keep it on a high level, as the horrific story unfolds, which they succeed very well.

The murders in Boogeyman 3 are not that graphic and gory, as in the previous ones. Of course, there is blood, gallons of it, and bodies that has experienced extensive destruction, present in this movie as well. However, they are not as graphic and vivid, as in the previous movies, which feed our twisted imagination.

I think the fact that this is not your standard slasher orgy, is also the main reason to why Boogeyman 3 is better than its predecessors are.

Boogeyman 3 sets out to try to give us some additional depth to its characters, but here I think the movie fails. When the movie tries to develop the characters, it gives out too much background information, which it never explains.

Instead, we are standing there, with a bunch of loose ends, which is something that I do not like. If they present a side story, then they must follow it through, too. If there is a gun present in the first act, then it must be used before the last act, which is basic film knowledge, which I think the makers of this movie forgot about. Now, that does not turn Boogeyman 3 into a worthless movie, it is just a little annoying, that is all.

One the other hand, there is something that the creators and actor Niky Sotirov succeeded with, The Boogeyman. In some scenes, his present is barely noticeable, so if you blink, you will miss him. That is something that I think is brilliant, and it will surely give you the creeps.

The actors do a good job too, without standing out, though. However, Nikki Sanderson that plays Audrey does a great job portraying the fear and anxiety-ridden, one must feel, being haunted by someone as dreadful as the Boogeyman.

In addition, Erin Cahill, which plays Sarah, provides us with a credible performance, even if it has its flaws, in some scenes.

Boogeyman 3 is a pleasant surprise, which will make you twitch a couple of times. It does also contain the mandatory horror movie ingredients, such as blood, partial nudity, and creepy entities. All wrapped inside a good twisted ending, which will not make you disappointed.

My Rating of Boogeyman 3:

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