Official Photo from Prince of Persia: Sands of Time

Yesterday, Entertainment Weekly posted a photo of Jake Gyllenhaal, from Jerry Bruckheimer and Disney’s next blockbuster, Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time.

Mike Newell is directing this video game adaption, which is good choice, since he did a good job when he directed Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, he knows a bit about the adventure/fantasy genre.

I enjoyed playing the first version of Prince of Persia, from -89 I believe, where you should guide your character through maze like dungeons, filled with traps and deep holes. Back then the graphics was not that impressive, still it was great fun playing this game, as you can see below,

However, the writers based the story on the modern sequel of the game, Sands of Time. I presume that this one is better suited for a movie. I doubt that many people would go and see a movie, where the lead actor bounces around in a dark dungeon for two hours.

On the other hand, as a female friend told me, for all that I care, they could put Gyllenhaal in a glass jar for two hours, if they just dressed him up leather, I would pay to see it. I guess it is a matter of preferences…

Never mind, the plot for the movie is set in medieval Persia and we get to follow prince Dastan (Gyllenhaal) as he teams up with a princess (Gemma Arterton), to stop a vicious leader to unleash a devastating sandstorm, that could tear down the earth.  However, not surprisingly, things goes south and the prince most head out to a find a dagger, with which he can control the time and put things back to normal again.

The movie will go up on the theaters 28 May 2010.

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