I Believe in Ammunition…

Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks do not hold back on the gunpowder or the money in their upcoming war drama, The Pacific.

The two producers have an estimated budget of almost $150 millions, and it seem that they have put the money in all the right places.

Even through the story in The Pacific is similar; it is unrelated to their first war drama, Band of Brothers, in terms of location and characters. In the Pacific, we get to follow the intertwined stories of three U.S. Marines and their experiences during America’s Battle with the Japanese in the Pacific, during World War 2.

I rate Band of Brothers as one of the best World War 2 drama ever, with its enthralling portray of the soldier’s fates, struggles, companionship and the trust they gave to one another, during these hard times.

First, I thought that it could be hard for The Pacific to live up the legacy of Band of Brothers and I was afraid that it could end up as just a bleach copy.

However, after watching the trailer and seen how Spielberg and Hanks chosen to spend their huge budget, I am confident that they will give us another epic war drama, in the same outstanding class as Band of Brothers.

HBO is aiming to start broadcasting the 10 episode long mini-series, sometime in march, 2010. So we do not need to wait that long, luckily.

The Pacific Trailer:


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