Resident Evil 4 Set To 2010

Finally, things are starting to roll for the fourth Resident Evil movie. According to Fangoria, Sony/Screen Gems has set the release date, for Resident Evil: Afterlife, to September 17, 2010.

The Resident Evil franchise is one of my favorite zombie/survivor movies. Resident Evil: Extinction almost blew me out of the chair, never allowing me to catch my breath. Much thanks to Russell Mulcahy’s brilliant way of directing.  In addition, Milla Jovovich did a great performance, and together with Ali Larter, the two actresses shaped a sturdy and feminine zombie killing team.

I truly hope that Mulcahy will be the one directing Afterlife as well, since Paul W.S. Anderson has said that he will only write the script and not direct, this one. I hold my fingers crossed.

Reports say that Anderson has written the script, similar to the second movie, Apocalypse, with a much darker tone and improved dialog, though.

The plot seems to pick up the thread, after Extinction, as well. Placing the story in Alaska, which where the goal for the survivors group and Tokyo, where Alice promised she would go, to set the record straight, once and for all, with the Umbrella company.

As for the cast, Milla Jovovich will naturally play Alice and Jason O’Mara will reprise his role as Albert Wesker.  Since the plot is set to take place in Alaska, I hope that we will see Ali Larter as Claire, again.

In addition, a rumor says that Jensen Ackles, who currently plays Dean on Supernatural, will be part of this one, as well. However, I have mixed feelings about Ackles, taking part in Afterlife. Even though I am a big fan of the Supernatural show, I think that Ackles soft acting style might be a bit misplaced here. Nevertheless, if he will be part of it, he might surprise us though.

I think that if Paul W.S. Anderson teams up with Russell Mulcahy, Resident Evil: Afterlife could be a great finally in this magnificent franchise.

Of course, I will follow the development and news about the production and post anything of interest.

Photo:  Copyright © Screen Gems

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