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Friday Movie Tip: The Day the Earth Stood Still

Today’s movie tip is the remake of the sci-fi drama, “The Day the Earth Stood Still”, with Keanu Reeves. You can buy it on DVD or Blu-ray at Amazon or you can use their Video on Demand service to watch it.

When the movie was released it received poor reviews and raked home just $30 millions in its opening weekend. However, since then it has brought in $230 millions.

It won two awards, the Saturn Award for Best Performance by a Younger Actor and Best Film for Mature Audiences from MovieGuide Awards.

However, I think it is perfect, if you would like a laid-back movie experience, this weekend. You can read my review below, to find out if Reeves managed to get the earth to spin.

The Review:

The Day the Earth Stood Still is a remake of the cult movie by the same name, made almost 57 years ago. While the plot remains the same, the periphery, treatment, and the build-up of the character protagonist is different. The plot moralizes over the need of understanding the forces that keep the stability of the earth alive. It serves men which dictates about keeping the earth in order and abstaining from environmental damage.

The story revolves around an alien who comes from a spaceship and lands into the New York City with his colossal robot GORT (named by the American scientist: genetically organized robotic technology).

This had alerted an entire batch of American scientists and, hence the patrol is out when the spaceship finally lands quietly with an alien and GORT onboard. This alien is Reeves, playing Klaatu.

A man who believes the humans have done no good to the only planet that is strong enough to sustain intricate forms of life. He believes that the only way to save the planet from further environmental damage is to extinguish the humans.

Dr Helen Johnson (played by Connelly) begs to differ and explains for Klaatu how humans can still change their vice like grip on the planet and look to redeem the planet environmentally.

Prior to this, in a confusing scenario of Klaatu’s entry, the militia throws a gunshot and wounds Klaatu. This makes GORT gut down everything in sight including all the electric signals and the military.

The military then rush Klaatu to a military facility, where scientist starts to examine whom and what he really is. However, they soon discover that Klaatu is a hard one to break down and soon he shows his true powers and escapes.

Klaatu then teams up with Helen and her son and explain for them that they must change their pattern to prevent to save the earth.

Helen answers in the affirmative and the team heads to the focal point of the city. By this time, in imprisonment, GORT sends out Nanites like insects by dismantling himself. Those insects start to dissolve everything in their way, and Klaatu is not sure that even he can stop them, before they destroy the earth and everything on it.

The director Scott Derrickson has not been too intent with an original screenplay for this movie but has treated it with a unique disdain of an expert.

About Connelly, the girl of “House of Sand and Fog” has matched a master like Kingsley before. She does full justice to the role and its subtle nuances. Her begging, explaining, and suffering after infected by a Nanite all show distinct expressions and they are extraordinary, as close too real as you get; No wonder, she had always been the director’s first choice for the role.

Reeves’s Klaatu turns pleasantly turtle, in terms of character build-up. The Klaatu of 1951 starts as a simple man and ends up preaching humanity with the disdain of a superior race; this was like an entire earth bending down to an alien. This made the speech sound like the long John Galt’s speech in Ayn Rand’s “Atlas Shrugged”.

The present version of Klaatu does start with some air and shows the diabolic bent of destroying humanity with his power but ends up being a completely human. He further becomes even more human by his sacrifices. This is where Keanu got besotted to the script.

He brooded over the 1951 movie with a lot of awe and wanted to be a part of a movie that gives him creative license of playing a superman.

Keanu signed the film after understanding that the precept of environmental damage was so harmful for the coming generations and the nuclear warfare needed to be mentioned in a fresh light. For Reeves, the movie is a platform to challenge the present world order.

Now the problem part, the director has looked to create the energy for the movie by spelling out a trinity, the spaceship, GORT and Klaatu. His man is a light, which transforms into a fiery force and then takes on a simple appearance. Sadly, this transition is not very streamlined. Klaatu flatters but only to deceive. Just as the remake loses itself, Connelly’s magic manages to get the earth to spin again, to the end.

My Rating of The Day the Earth Stood Still:

Wall Street 2 Headed towards Bankruptcy?

Recently, Javier Bardem decided to drop out of Oliver Stone’s “Money Never Sleeps”, a follow-up to his -87 success, “Wall Street”.  I would have enjoyed seeing Bardem portraying a villain again, this time in the shape of a hardboiled hedge fund investor. That alone, would have been worth watching, despite my doubts about this movie.

However, I think it is a bit strange that he decides to leave a well-known director, with a plot that deals will the collapse of Wall Street, a highly current topic. Instead, he choose “Eat, Pray, Love”, a movie based on the kitschy memoir by Elizabeth Gilbert, with Julia Roberts and director Ryan Murphy, that has only one movie in his luggage, prior to this.

Did Javier Bardem smell something?

Let us take a closer look on what type of assets this movie has left, without Bardem.

Oliver Stone, which I think is a tad overrated and has not delivered anything eye-popping since, “Natural Born Killers” -94.

Michael Douglas, will reprise his parade role as Gordon Gekko. I have a feeling that Michael Douglas of today, will not manage to pull this one through, on his own. He would have needed a solid sidekick, someone like Bardem.

Josh Brolin, according to Deadline Hollywood Daily, Oliver Stone has called him and offered Bardem’s role. Well, the last time Stone and Brolin teamed up, was last year with “W.”, a movie that did not reach any greater success. I think that Brolin feels like a panic solution and a bleach substitute to Bardem.

Shia LaBeouf will play a young trader, engaged to Gekko’s daughter. However, I have a hard time seeing LaBeouf steeping up to the plate and shoulder this.

That leaves us with the plot, which is about a young trader that teams up with the disgraced Wall Street corporate raider, Gordon Gekko to alert the financial community about a coming economic collapse and to find out who killed his mentor.

To me, it sounds that Gekko will be portrayed as some kind of hero, trying to save the economic world from disaster, with the help of a young wannabe trader. Not quite what I, and I guess others that saw “Wall Street”, had expected or wanted for that matter.

Therefore, after reviewing the facts about “Wall Street 2”, I have a feeling that Bardem did the right choice, after all, and if would own shares in this, I would have called my trader and ordered him to sell.

What do you think, will “Wall Street 2” become the same success as it predecessor or will it had to declare bankruptcy? You are welcome to share your thoughts and opinions below.

Who will play Bilbo in The Hobbit?

Many believed and hoped that Peter Jackson should reveal the actor who is going to play Bilbo Baggings, when he attended Comic Con.

However, Peter delivered a kind of anticlimax, as he said that there is not anyone thought of the role, yet. Nevertheless, he gave out some information about the two movies, though.

The script for the first movie “The Hobbit” will be ready in a couple of weeks and then he will start working on the script work for “The Hobbit 2” right after that. Therefore, the guessing game, of who will play Bilbo Baggins will continue, yet a while.

However, I took the liberty to conduct a very nonscientific research, to see who has the most buzz among bloggers and movie sites, to get the role as Bilbo.

According to my findings, the buzz holds David Tennant as the favorite for the role, with James McAvoy not that far behind. Two others that also showed up were Daniel Radcliffe and Martin Freeman, although they did not get the same amount of buzz, as first two did.

Martin Freeman should be a considered as dark horse though, since he was the first one rumored to get the part, in the first place a couple of years back.

Anyhow, I would put my money on James McAvoy. I believe that he would be perfect as Bilbo Bagger, considering the skillfulness he has showed in movies like, “Wanted”, “The Last King of Scotland” and “Atonement”.

In addition, James McAvoy is no stranger to the fantasy genre either, after his portray of Mr. Tumnus in “The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe”.

One thing that speaks for all of the above is that they all have the looks, to play Bilbo. Maybe that is why their names keep popping up?

In any case, I guess that Peter Jackson and Guillermo del Toro will pick one of the four above, or who do you think would be the best Bilbo Baggins?

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

With an opening scene that you most likely would expect to find in an action film, the director David Yates, who also did, The Order of the Phoenix, gives the movie a dark and almost dangerous feeling, even when you can smell love in the air.

I must admit that the movie genuinely surprised me, as I was sure that they more or less destroyed it, like the most of the previous ones.

However, this time they actually managed to follow the book, rather well.

I like how they adapted the scene where Harry sits at an underground train station, talking to a pretty girl in a café. When Dumbledore shows up, asking for help with persuade Horace Slughorn to come to Hogwarts and teach potions. They succeed and because of that Snape, eventually get the position as the defense, against the dark arts teacher.

As the movie continues, people inside Hogwarts are falling in love, while dark forces are lurking outside, waiting for a chance to break through. We also introduced to a new character, the grossly cute Lavender Brown, who is very obsessive about Ron.

A sweet love drama unwraps as Ron and Lavender start seeing each other, which makes Hermione upset, since she has a secret fling for Ron. Meanwhile Harry is also facing the troublesome side of love, as he starts to get feelings for Ron’s younger sister, Ginny, who seems to be feeling the same way. Nevertheless, you know what they say you do not fall in love with your friend’s sister.

Copyright Warner Bros. Pictures

In the movie, Harry has other problems as well, with the biggest one being memories. He gets one memory from professor Slughorn. A memory, that Dumbledore is convinced holds the key, to how Voldemort has survived all these years.

Another mystery is the identity of the half-blood prince. The prince is the former owner of Harry’s new potions book, a book filled with notes, which helps Harry become the best in his class.

Of course, there are sceneries from the book that is not present in the movie, but I do not think that they leaved out anything of importance.

Overall, I think it was a good movie, which surprised me in a pleasant way.  However, the Harry Potter saga is reaching its final destination, since there is only one book left, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows.

Deathly Hollows is going to be two movies, which I think is great, since there are many things going on in the last trembling chapters of this saga, which would not have fitted into one movie.

We have to wait until November 2010, before Deathly Hollows will appear in the cinemas, to start the finale of the Harry Potter saga.

If you feel you have the time, you are welcome to add your own opinion about the Half Blood Prince, or the entire Harry Potter franchise, in the comments field below.

My Rating of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince:

Supernatural Top 10 FAQ

Today I got an urge to write a post about one of my favorite TV series, Supernatural. Therefore, I decided to do a little Supernatural FAQ, which I have based on the actual questions that surfers have typed into the search engines.

First, I must just say that I think that Eric Kripke is a pure genius when it comes to choosing just the right songs, for the titles of the episodes.

For example, take the title of the first episode in season 5, Sympathy for the Devil.

That also happens to be a song by The Rolling Stones, where Jagger sings it in the form of a first-person narrative, from the point of view of the Devil. Considering the events in the last episode, it fits the story like a glove, brilliant!

Now, here is the Supernatural Top 10 FAQ:

1. Where is the TV show Supernatural filmed

They film Supernatural in British Columbia, Canada.

2. When does the new season of supernatural start.

Season 5 will start on September 10 with the episode, Sympathy for the Devil.

3. Who plays the father in Supernatural

Jeffrey Dean Morgan has plays the father, John Winchester.

4. What kind of car is in Supernatural

It is a black 1967 Chevrolet Impala, which Dean got from his father, who bought it in 1973.

5. When is Supernatural season 4 released on DVD

The complete fourth season will be available on DVD, September 1. You can pre-order it on Amazon, that way you will have plenty of time to catch up, before season 5 begins.

6. What is the song from Supernatural Season 1 DVD menu

Road so Far, with Armageddon. You might want to check out the Supernatural Music Guide for a complete list of all songs that has appeared in the show.

7. What is the show Supernatural about

Supernatural is about the two brothers Dean and Sam Winchester and their adventures as they hunts down and defeat demons and other supernatural creatures.

8. Actress who played Bella on TV show Supernatural

Lauren Cohan played Bella, who only appeared in one season, the third.

9. Why did they change Ruby in Supernatural

They changed actresses due to budgetary reasons. Katie Cassidy played Ruby first, but Genevieve Cortese replaced her, in the fourth season.

10. Where can I watch Supernatural online

On Supernatural’s video page, you can watch previous episodes, interviews and previews, all free.

The Collector Trailer

The Collector seems to be that kind of movie that will pull your nerves apart, with a vicious smile.  This is not surprising, considering it is Marcus Dunstan and Patrick Melton who has come up with the story.

Dunstan and Melton’s pens are also guilty of the Saw franchise, with its seventh sequel in the works. The Collector was from the beginning thought as a prequel to the Saw movies, but in the end, the producers wanted it to be a standalone story.

In The Collector, we get to follow the ex-con Arkin, played by Josh Stewart, as he comes up with the brilliant idea to break into his employer’s house, to repay a debt to his ex-wife. Unluckily for Arkin, he discovers that he is not the first baddy inside the house and that the family is besieged by the other.

Now the Saw connection comes into the plot. As Arkin decides to be the hero and rescue the family, he discovers that the other intruder has turned the house into a twisted playground, filled with creative and ghastly traps. In addition to that, the baddy starts to mess with his mind, challenging him into an emotional and physical battle.

I think that the trailer looks sleek and gives the impression of a tense and up close thriller. It will also be interesting to see what type of twisted and unexpected gimmick, Dunstan and Melton has come up with, for this one. That alone, makes me want to go to the cinemas July 31, to see it.

The Collector Trailer:

Will the Spartans March Again?

Zack Snyder’s 300 is one of the best action movies that I have seen. I remember when I saw it for the first time. How it took a hard grip around my neck and thrown me down in my chair, while adrenaline and testosterone where flying all over the cinema, leaving me happy like a boy on Christmas Eve.

I particularly liked the way they did the fighting scenes, rendering them at variable speeds. That neat little trick placed you so closed to the action that you though you where actually there.

Of course, Gerard Butler was outstanding as King Leonidas as well. What else can you say about the higher form of diplomacy he demonstrated, in the spectacular scene when he meet Xerxes messenger?

“Madness… This is Sparta!”

Photo: © Warner Bros Pictures

Now, The Risky Biz Blog writes that a follow up is in the works, which makes me both exacting and a bit worried, at the same time.

Exciting, since Frank Miller who once again have come up with the story and because Zack Snyder has said that, he is interested in doing another movie with the brave Spartans. However, he has not accepted anything, yet.

Worried because a follow up to a movie of that magnitude, needs to measure up to some rather big expectations, which can be hard. In addition, Warner has not selected a screenwriter, for Miller’s story. However, they claim that they have not hired Kurt Johnstad, who co-wrote 300, which is a mistake, according to me.

As for the story, I think a good idea would be to make a prequel, considering the fact that many of the main characters, died in the first one. If Miller decides to make sequel, then we will just sit there comparing the new characters, with the old ones, which is something that never ends well.

Nevertheless, I am certain that regardless of which road Miller chooses, the story will be baffling. Therefore, I hope that Warner manages to put all loose ends together and serve us with another breathtaking action adventure.

Jonah Hex Comic Con Poster

The upcoming western movie “Jonah Hex” got its first poster, yesterday at the Comic con, during the promotion of the movie.

Jonah Hex is a movie adaption of the rather entertaining comic book character from DC Comics. The movie has Josh Brolin as the gunslinger himself and Megan Fox is playing the naughty Leila, Jonah’s love interest. John Malkovich also stars in this movie as the villain Turnbull.

In the movie, Jonah Hex sets out to stop the voodoo practitioner Turnbull, who plans to raise an army of the undead, to free the Confederate South.

I guess that the poster, with Jonah Hex posing as the Darkman in the front with Megan Fox in a filthy corset, looking impish in the back, sets the tone of what we can expect from this movie.

Josh Brolin, Megan Fox and John Malkovich will ride into your cinema on August 6, 2010.

Photo by Warner Bros. Pictures


If you enjoy zombie movies, you should draw a big red circle around October 9, in your almanac, because then you would not miss seeing Woody Harrelson smashing zombies in his upcoming movie, Zombieland.

In Zombieland, zombies have overtaken the world. Two men, Columbus (Jesse Eisenberg) and Tallahassee (Woody Harrelson) have found a way to survive. As the two wander around, they meet other survivors, like Wichita and Little Rock, and together they slay zombies from coast to coast, in bizarre and humoristic ways.

Read More

Megan Fox Wants To Be the Villain

The Transformers-star Megan Fox, who is currently busy munching on college boys in “Jennifer’s Body”, has turned down an offer to play the next Bond Girl, because she feels that the role would not add anything to her career, according to Contactmusic.

However, it seems that Megan enjoys playing bad girl roles. If the producers would offer her a more villainous role, with a more central part in the movie, she would be interested, says a source close to the production.

There is also a frequent rumor about an adaptation of Hulk’s cousin; She-Hulk is in the works and that Megan Fox will be the one playing the green angry heroine. However, the rumor also puts Nicolas Cage, close to this project and his favorite is Eva Mendez, who he played against in Ghost Raider.

Obviously, Megan Fox would be the first choice, since I can see hordes of amped up boys rushing to the cinemas, to see a vicious Megan Fox dressed up in torn clothes, going berserk.  Even though I personally would prefer Mendez, since I think that she is a much more solid actress, then Fox.

Nevertheless, it seems that Fox is on the hunt for a villainous role, and my best guess is that we going to see her in one, pretty soon.

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