Upcoming Horror Movies in 2015

A list of upcoming horror movies for the next year or so, were you can find a selection of the new horror movie releases that are lurking in the dark corners of a theater near you. I’ll try to update the list regularly, so be sure to add it to your bookmarks for future use, and if you know about a horror flick that should be added to the list, give me a holler.

Sinister 2 [21 August] – The plot in this sequel revolves around the frightening things that ensues as a mother and her twin sons’ moves into a rural house. I liked Sinister and in Sinister 2, it seems like they amp things up a notch, with the help of creepy kids and a vicious demon who feeds from the corruption of the innocence. [View Trailer >]

Regression [28 August] – Ethan Hawke and Emma Watson stars in this deep thriller about a father who has no memory of a crime he allegedly has committed. Written and directed by Alejandro Amenábar who gave us the breathtaking The Others in 2001. [Trailer >]

Kitchen Sink [4 September] – Vampires, humans and zombies clash together in the town Dillford, and three teenagers sets out to make everybody to get along again. Oren Uziel is behind the screenplay to this horror comedy, which stars Vanessa Hudgens among others.

The Green Inferno [25 September] – In Eli Roth’s homage to the cannibal movies of the 80’s, a group of green activists heads out to the Amazonas to fight for the environment. In an ill twist of fate, their plane crashes, and they found themselves forced to fight for their lives instead. [Trailer >]

Crimson Peak [16 October] – Guillermo Del Toro and Matthew Robbins have weaved together this gothic-romance-horror story, starring interesting names like Tom Hiddleston and Charlie Hunnam. In the movie, we meet a young bride who discovers that her charming husband and the crumbling mansion of his both hide some dark, unnerving secrets, for her to discover. Stephen King liked it so much that he called it, “gorgeous and just fucking terrifying”. [Trailer #1 | Trailer #2]


The old, dusty list of movies…

Vampire Boys 2: The New Brood [29 January] – A gay romance revolving around the vampires Jasin and Caleb, directed by Steven Vasquez.

Nobody Gets Out Alive [31 January] – When a group of college students tries to escape their troubled lives, they run into a mad man, seeking revenge.

Warm Bodies [31 January] – When a rather unusual zombie saves Julie from an attack, a relationship is created, which can transform the whole world.

Locked [February] – A high school student invites his friends to a mysterious lake house, which he heard about from a mental patient.

Self Storage [February ] – A night watchman invites his friends to throw a party at his work.

Blood Drive: The Movie [February] – An internet writer gets obsessed over a rumor mysterious patient called Jade.

The Ganzfeld Experiment [1 February] – The aftermath from a weekend where five College psychology students has pushed all boundaries during an ESP experiment.

The Haunting in Connecticut 2: Ghosts of Georgia [1 February ] – The haunting continues, and this time a young family, who moves into an historic home in Georgia, get to learn about supernatural events.

Hansel & Gretel Get Baked [19 February] – A brother and his sister goes up against a witch, who lures teenagers into her home, with her unusual blend of marijuana.

Dark Skies [21 February] – A family learns, through a series of disturbing events, that a horrific and lethal force are on the hunt for them.

The Last Exorcism Part II [28 February] – Both Nell and the dark force that possessed tries to start over from the last time we meet them.

Holla II [13 March] – A young woman thinks that she has managed to escape her mentally deranged sister, until she attend to a wedding.

Infected [16 March] – The story about how seven strangers join forces, trying to escape a Los Angeles, where a strange virus roams the streets.

Dark Circles [April] – A psychological thriller from After Dark Originals production.

Scary Movie 5 [12 April] – In the fifth installment of this popular franchise, a young couple get to experience some unusual activity in their home.

Screen [11 April] – An old disused drive-in movie theater kill the people that watches its screen.

Evil Dead [12 April] –This is most certain to become the remake of the year, no doubt.

Animosity [4 May] – A couple discovers that the secluded cabin they live in, is built on strange, supernatural ground.

The Untelling [13 May] – When a young travels to Maryland to arrange his family heirlooms after his father has passed away, he discovers more about his past, then he can forget.

World War Z [20 June] – A man travels around the world, in an attempt to stop the outbreak of a deadly Zombie plague.

The Conjuring [19 july] –  Two ghost hunters find themselves face to face with a dark entity that roams the halls of a secluded farmhouse.

I, Frankenstein [11 September] – Here Frankenstein’s monster is caught in an all-out, centuries old war between two immortal clans.

The Man Behind the Curtain [13 September] – When a self-centered investment banker loses touch of reality, he’s faced by an dark entity, who forces him to see what he had done in the past.

Night of the Living Dead: Origins 3D [October] – In an apartment, somewhere in New York, a group of people battle of the hordes of zombies, which are carving for their flesh.

The Last Halloween [1 October] – The story of a group of people that are unwilling to face the truth, and unable to reconcile the past.

Haunt [10 October] – An introvert teen teams up with his new neighbor and together they start to explore the haunted house his parent has bought.

The Monkey’s Paw [25 October] – When Jake stumbles upon a monkey’s paw, which grants three wishes, his friend Cobb, which has become undead, pushes him to make a final wish.

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